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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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this is wcvb. emily: this is a look at some of the big stories making headlines. this man faces a judge, at the driving drunk and causing a fatal crash after a road rage incident and also in court today, this new hampshire fugitive, captured outside a boston hotel.
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a new poll is released ahead of the next gop presidential debate. what it reveals about the top two candidates. first, that tragic case of road rage. it ended with one man dead. another driver is facing a judge. sera: we are still awaiting the arraignment. the victims the essay is in the courtroom and she told me she wants to be here for the arraignment to make sure the man responsible for causing so much pain remains behind bars. he was allegedly drunk behind the wheel and fueled by road rage. this caused a rollover crash monday in mansfield. the pickup was intentionally hit twice by his vehicle. the other driver was killed. he was an electrician on his way to his job. >> it'
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i expected him to outlive me. that' s not going to happen now. the rollover and was later arrested a mile away. police hauled away his pickup truck. >> they came to take the truck. the front tire was missing. part of me was like, how did he get the truck home? emily: he is facing his second ou i. he will also be arraigned for homicide. emily: thank you. also in court today, this new hampshire fugitive, captured outside a boston hotel. career criminal kevin paul was s accused of being part of a burglary ring in new hampshire. paul was just granted parole for his role in the 1997 murder of an epsom new hampshire police officer. his friend killed the officer, and paul shot at police during the chase that followed.
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fugitive charges today. boston police still searching for the man who triggered a standoff. it happened last night at the archdale housing complex in roslindale. police say the man, suspected in a stabbing and robbery on friday, was holed up inside an apartment with a relative and children when he jumped out of a window to escape. he' s still on the run this noon. to the weather now. radar shows rain is starting to creep toward us. the cut meat a not be -- commute may not be great. cindy: it' s going to be slow to leave tomorrow. i think tomorrow' s commute will have the biggest impact. it' s taking its time. we have some heavier rain on the south side of long island. this is slowly lifting in our direction. it situated down by southern new jersey. we are going to see that rain increase.
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the winds will ramp up overnight as well. we have dry conditions out there now. we have some breaks of sunshine it. the temperatures are in the low 50' s. notice this once again. 6:00 p.m. is your midnight, that is when we will start to see the rain come in. this will be along the south coast. we make it into the rain this afternoon. by the time we get to the evening commute, that' s where we are seeing the rain. the rain will fill an overnight and it will get heavier. the heaviest rainfall will be overnight. the winds ramp up along the coastline. we do have a wind advisory through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we will tell you what this means for veterans day coming up. emily: new this noon, these two iowa men back in a boston court today, charged with making threats against a pokemon competition. prosecutors say kevin norton and james stumbo used social media to threaten violence at the
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12-gauge shotgun, an ar-15 rifle , and nearly 300 rounds of ammunition in their car when they tried to register. they' ve been held without bail after pleading not guilty to weapons charges. a state trooper was forced to take action after a drunk driver passes out behind the wheel. this was after midnight. she was passed out with the car in gear. he tried to wake her by tapping on the window and that' s when she hit him when he got in from the car. the used his flashlight to smash out the window and turned the car and put it in part. he found a half empty bottle of the and a bottle of vodka. she faces several charges. an apparent tragic and to the search for a missing woman. a body found in the woods is
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believed to be that of the 67-year-old. she had been missing since october 25. police were concerned because she has the mental capacity of an eight world. there are no signs of foul play. fast food workers walking off the job in dorchester overnight. a rally held at this mcdonald' s on gallivan boulevard this morning, one of several across the country as workers demand higher pay. employees of several fast food chains say they' re being under paid for their services and want an increase to $15 an hour. big changes could be coming to the service designed to help the elderly and disabled. they could save $8 million a year if they hike fares on the rides. officials pointed out the savings if rates were raised from three dollars to $4.20 to ride. they had to roll them back after pressure from advocates. there are other proposed changes money.
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that includes writing right sharing services like uber to transport disabled passengers. more training to help disabled writers could help save $11 million. reducing the service area could save $12 million. many see it as a critical lifeline. no decisions have been made. president obama is asking the supreme court to weigh in on his plan to prevent millions of immigrants living in the us illegally from being deported. yesterday, a federal appeals court upheld a texas judge' s injunction blocking the president' s plan to protect parents of us citizens, legal permanent residents, and others who came to the country as children. the justice department says it disagrees and will now appeal. hillary clinton will swing through new hampshire today after filing.
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she will be speaking at dartmouth college later. the republicans are gearing up for yet another showdown, this time a smaller crowd with only eight of them on stage. this comes as new pull levers show donald trump and ben carson in a tie. >> this is the first debate since the cnb' s showdown with left them complaining. what do they expect tonight? >> i have no idea what' s going to happen, but it' s going to be interesting. >> cup ben carson are even in terms of popularity. carson trumps up when the question is to all americans. cup has not missed an opportunity to attack his rifle print >> you go after your mother with a hammer and that' s supposed to make you credible. >> carson could be a target tonight. people questioned his
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>> you are asking me and i' details on that. questions about his past. jeb bush attacked rubio in the last debate. his campaign released an ad featuring clips of jeb praising rubio through the years. they will take the stage at 9:00 eastern time tonight. the moderators will vow that this will focus primarily on pocketbooks. emily: new this noon, a honor for that police officer the company driver instead of ticketing her. she was given the be con -- beyond the call of duty award. for speeding. hospice care.
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warning and then later sent her flowers and a kind note. the police department recognized her for going beyond the call of need. >> i want to say we' you. thank you for doing what you do. [applause] emily: she' officer in person. phone. they have not yet met. a texas judge' s shot outside her home. the new lead after reports she had been receiving threats. russia response to claims that they knew about widespread doping but allowed it to happen. cindy: the rain is slowly creeping towards. the impact on your veterans day way. emily: retailers are in full
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jobs are up for grabs who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools,
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then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> you are watching news center 5 at noon.
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a woman is accused of leading officers on a wild chase in a stolen car. she slams into the cruiser , causing the officer to fire on her. police had to use a taser to detain her. a person of interest is under texas judge. the judge suffered serious injuries when she was shot in her driveway friday. she' d been receiving threats after presiding over several controversy all cases. a suspect has been detained. they are being connection -- questioned in connection. some flight delays in miami triggered by a suspicious bag. a passenger went through security with some suspicious items in his carry-on. the items in his bag were deemed safe eventually. the police and fbi were called in. that caused 50 flights to be delayed and nine divergent.
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russia is firing back against doping allegations. claims that they knew about doping among track and field athletes are unfounded. the international olympic committee wants to take action and could strip the country of its of the metals. >> allegations of doping, cheating it, and bribing our unfounded, according to vladimir putin. the scathing report the track and field athletes use drugs in the 2012 olympics. >> this is one of the biggest scandals in quite some time. >> despite denials, the abuse was systemic. stage a cover-up. s worse than we thought. field of play.
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>> the agency is demanding that the russians be stripped of all of their metals. >> i hope we will see the metals that are owed to me. >> american athletes could earn a bronze medal. >> why are you crying western mark --? >> the agency is calling for russia to be banned from next year' s olympics. a criminal investigation has also been launched and fee for -- fif a is closely monitoring the situation. the ioc has the final say. they give russia until friday to respond. they have a zero-tolerance policy. emily: the chipotle restaurants shut down over e. coli could reopen this week. tests on food from stores in washington and oregon have come back negative.
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the cause. 43 restaurants closed last week after 40 people got sick. to reopen after they replace all parties and pass a health inspection. are you looking for some extra cash? career builder shows half of retailers do plan to hire seasonal workers. that' s up from 43% last year. store sales will be up for percent compared to one year ago. online sales are expected to hit a record $83 billion. is it too early to start shopping? i am always behind. cindy: it looks wet. we could use the rain. it' s coming in, but it' s taking
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its time. we do have a need for rainfall. i think a little less north and west of austin. that will be closer to the one inch mark across southeastern massachusetts. everybody get some beneficial rainfall from the system, if it ever gets here. it is benching very slowly. you can see it' s heavier down here around long island. this is slowly working in our direction. slow was the operative word. we have the cloud cover throughout the morning. there were some breaks. we are seeing those. the rain will eventually get weaker. all of this is lifting northward. it' s run into high-pressure and that is holding strong. have a lot of hair in place. we got these clouds are thickening up through the
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the temperature has managed to come up to 52 degrees. the wind is off the water. it will increase later in the day in this evening. look at the dew point, it' s in the 30' s. there is still some dry air out there. the rain is eventually going to overcome that. it' s 50 right now in worcester. we are in the upper 40' s in nashua. the warmer temperatures are down here on the cape. nantucket is 60 degrees currently. s to near 60. creep northward. that. think the rain will get close to areas along the pike. to the north, i think they will stay dry. s going to be overnight at the rain until zen. the wind looked up overnight as well. we will fall back into the 40' s. tomorrow, the temperatures don' t change too much. it will be a cool day for
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veterans day. it' s going to be wet here. overnight, we will see the rain fell in. widespread rain tomorrow morning with some embedded downpours. it you can see the yellows and oranges. there will be a low forming on top of this. that will keep the rain going until midday. after lunch, the steadier rain moves out and there will be lingering areas of drizzle. this area of low pressure will get closer to us and the winds will begin to strengthen. the first thing tomorrow morning , in addition to the rain, we are talking about stronger wind. that will continue for a good portion of the day on veterans day. we will see some of the southeast massachusetts. we have some three limbs to come down.
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in terms of veterans day, the wettest part of the day will be in the morning hours. flag raising ceremonies are looking wet. by midday, there is still some rain around. we do dry out in the evening hours. we have a dry. on wednesday. the skies will write in on friday. the temperatures to get down by the second half of the week. emily: we our veterans. we will celebrate their service they face. this will be right here on news center 5. randy price will host an event. we will give veterans a chance to share their stories. who have given so much.
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that is wednesday night, right
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(soft music) p lifetime mastering the senses, so you can get the most out of life.
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emily: newport beach is the priciest place to live in the united states. a four-bedroom home is $2.3 million. it' s are in california. the most affordable are in cleveland, a four bedroom house $75,000. california' s got some nice weather. i don' t know about that money. cindy: the rain is coming in overnight. emily: thanks. that doesn' t for us. have a great day. people see you back your 5:00. bill: how can a teacher have an illicit relationship with the student and not face criminal charges western mark in s about typing
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when andrea was 14, a teacher friended her and gained her trust. >> he did not kiss me until a week after i turned 16. that turned into such an rest of abusive man. i was terrified all the time. i had no voice to say no. bill: he was -- she -- since she was 16, it was not illegal. he is now categorized as a level three sex offender. he never faced charges with angela. licenses of 15 teachers are suspended for sexual misconduct. there are not always charges. when students are older than 15, it is not considered a crime. it'
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the teacher-student relationship is not an equal one and those in the position of authority can exert power over young teenagers. andrea is working with advocates to change state law and make sex between a teacher and a student a crime. until age 19. age of consent bills have an filed and hearings are scheduled. it' s hard to conceive of any reasoning presenting legislators from taking tougher action so stories like andrea' s result in criminal consequences. e girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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